Paleo vs Vegan Diet

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Proven over generations, people were becoming more and more conscious on the food they consume to either lose weight or maintain their good shape. It has been a long battle on what diet plan works best for majority of its practitioners. Might be similar and way different, here’s a simple rundown on what the experts have to say about Paleo and vegan.


The main difference between the two is that Paleo diet allows consumption of grass-fed and wild meats while vegans strictly inhibit animal meat and products which they believe could cause chronic diseases in the long run. Contrariwise, both agree that eating more of fruits, vegetables and grains would contribute to a healthier overall functionality of the body.

On animal cruelty

Lierre Keith, an environmental activist and writer, elaborated Paleo’s main focus when it comes to eating meat, stating that wild meats are rich sources of healthy fats like omega-3 and there is a big difference with factory-farmed animal meat. The vegan diet can be considered a great colon cleansing diet.

Apart from numerous benefits one could take advantage of, vegans strongly implicate that a healthy body doesn’t need to involve making animals suffer in exchange of this privilege. A wellness coach and author, Kris Carr, highlighted the fact that not all sources of proteins are equal whereby proteins collected from animals are found to be more acidic than plant proteins.

go-veganChoice of foods

Professor Loren Cordain’s (Paleo discoverer) student, Robb Wolf, gave example on how a typical Paleo diet day goes by. He mentioned on his book the varieties of food combinations one could eat that could be easily purchased at the local grocery such as eggs, fruits, poultry, fish, pork, nuts and salads.

Kris Carr also gave an overview on how vegans manipulate their meals through a number of options including gluten-free bread, vegetable juice, sautéed vegetables, burrito falafel and hearty-root vegetable stew.

Environmental concerns

For Nora Gedgaudas, a nutritional therapist, eating meat has nothing to do with environment destruction as what the vegans claim.

But for Brendan Brazier, a vegan professional triathlete, a large scale of land is used for feeding animals alone in North America wherein he sees this as a big potential for losing energy that could have been used for planting crops directly. If everyone will follow Paleo, the demand for wild-fed meats would spike up, not meeting the needs of its consumers.


These are just few of the many arguments between Paleo and vegan. Though both have very good points on defending and proving what’s better between them, Paleo and vegan are also very similar in most ways wherein the goal is to promote health and wellness to its practitioners. Both agree that refined carbohydrates and sugars should be avoided and the use of processed oils must be set aside. And even Paleo promotes mainly wild-meat products, it still doesn’t exclude the consumption of plant foods from their diet plan.

Overall, Paleo and vegan also come to an agreement that a healthy body also needs an active lifestyle in a form of as simple as an exercise. Proper discipline is important to achieve the optimal health fit for the condition of the practitioner.


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