Important things to consider on a paleo diet

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paleo101-1024x903You’ve heard of Paleo diet many times from friends, TV, magazines and the likes. Many have claimed it to be effective than any other diet programs but what is it really all about?

According to Robb Wolf, Paleo diet is the one and only nutritional method for people who want to lose weight in the most effective yet healthiest way. It keeps the body active, fit and strong at the same time.

The basics

Bet you would want to know the types of food you can eat and you cannot. Basically, Paleo covers the same recommended foods like other diet programs do, like fruits, vegetables, fish, variety of nuts and healthy oils such as olive and coconut oil. In contrast, grains, processed meat products, legumes, alcohol, dairy, salt, refined sugar and vegetable oils should be avoided.

How these foods contribute to a healthier body

If you want to achieve strong bones and fit muscles, the key is to consume lean proteins that could aid in building these attributes while preventing you from feeling very hungry. Furthermore, immunity is also improved throughout the protein consumption.

Known to most of us, fruits and vegetables are abundant in various vitamins and minerals essential for the prevention of degenerative ailments including diabetes, cardiovascular problems and even cancer.

Nuts, seeds and other healthy fats coming from oils such as olive, fish and coconut oil are proven by numerous studies and researches to decrease the probability of acquiring cancer and cardio diseases among others. This is due to the presence of Omega-3 fatty acid and monounsaturated fats on these foods. Based on Professor Loren Cordain’s study, saturated fats account for the existing implications of diseases. Their team researched on the different types of fats found in animals fed with modern grains and those fed with wild grass, animal meat and fish. Results showed the edge of the wild-fed group compared to the modern group when it comes to healthy fat contents.

What you get from Paleo

So what do you really get from Paleo diet? People who have been inclined to this diet believed that they had experienced the best improvement in terms of health aspects. Majority of these people are the ones who used to be unsatisfied by their previous diet regime, whether it involved exercise or not. Good thing about Paleo is the broad research done to correlate the diet with various health concerns such as weight loss, regulated blood lipid levels and decreased pain brought by autoimmunity.

In a just a snap, the practitioners of Paleo transformed their wellness by limiting the consumption of foods that cause health complications and started to embrace the new life of living healthy.

Lessens Type 2 diabetes’ signs and symptoms

As mentioned earlier, Paleo is also helpful for diabetic individuals. This has been proven by a study comparing the effects of Paleo and Mediterranean diet on people affected by insulin-resistant Type 2 diabetes wherein the participants under the Paleo group contradicted the signs and symptoms encountered by Type 2 diabetics. On the contrary, very minimal changes were observed in Type 2 diabetic participants who practiced Mediterranean diet.

Reduces the risk for heart diseases

Over the years, Paleo practitioners did not encounter any cardiovascular diseases during the duration of their diet programs. Neither heart attack nor stroke had been noted from these people despite the fact that heart diseases had been the most notorious cause of death in the United States as stated by CDC.

Against Autoimmunity

Numerous infections coming from bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic agents attack the body to generate a disease. However, the immune system acts as a guard to protect the body from these foreign agents whereby it identifies first the cause of infection, sends out cells to limit the spread of agents throughout the body before it finally kills the foreign invaders.

Contrariwise, autoimmunity takes place when the body attacks the cells of its own in rare cases such as those who had undergone organ replacement. This takes place when the organ transplant did not fully match the recipient’s cells. Other forms of autoimmunity include Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis.

Terry Wahls, MD proved not only to herself but also to the world how Paleo diet turned her life around regardless of the presence of Multiple Sclerosis. She highly suggested the use of Paleo diet for people who have autoimmune disorders.

Easy Paleo recipes

Shifting from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy diet program is quite challenging for some people. Yet with Paleo, one would just love the recipes just as much as they love the unhealthy ones. For instance, you do not want to eat fruits or grains for breakfast, you could just try the Paleo omelette, sautéed in onions and olive oil. Peppers and mushrooms could also be added depending on your taste. And the best thing is you can eat it with diced chicken breast!

Here comes the challenging part, the lunch. On your first Monday Paleo lunch away from the usual fast food burgers, you may want to prepare a salad with any healthy ingredients you can think of. Apples, cucumbers, walnuts, spinach, radish and bell pepper are just among the long list of ingredients you can try for your own salad. From this bunch, you’ll get portions every day for your meal. Sounds horrible? Wrong. You can actually mix different kinds of meat like beef, chicken, turkey and even pork. Seafoods such as tuna, salmon, shrimp and other fish are also recommended. Adding a little olive oil and lemon juice extract to the salad would complete the overall taste.

Dinner time wouldn’t disappoint you as the choices vary from fish variants that can be grilled to spaghetti squash that can be topped with pesto, seafood or even meatballs. Steamed broccoli, asparagus and spinach are also advisable, together with roasted beets for side dish. For desserts, berries would do best for snacks as well as carrot, celery sticks, nuts and other sliced fruits.

With the vast choices for meals, one is truly encouraged to try the Paleo diet. Or if in doubt check out our comparison with the vegan diet.

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